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For all your fence installation needs, Fence Builders Tucson can prove consistently that we are the best, most trusted fence company in Tucson. We have the strongest team of fence contractors that have had numerous years of quality experience in the fence installation field. We take our fence installation services seriously at all times, never ignoring even the smallest of details. Our fence installation experts are not only expertly trained in fence installation, but we also make sure that they are proficient in customer service. We know that the customer service you receive is just as important as the fence we build for you, so we make sure that we can cover all these aspects of the experience. Your satisfaction is our priority and we at Fence Builders will always work to achieve that.

Fence Installation Tucson

Fence Builders offers you a wide variety of fences to choose from, and we offer any input you request before you make your final decisions. The materials we offer you include chain link, iron, aluminum, wood, PVC, vinyl, and pool fencing. The possibilities of fences we can install are almost endless, especially when you take advantage of our customization opportunities.

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There really is no challenge that Fence Builders Tucson can’t handle. Our fence contractors are always prepared to think outside the box, we are trained to be premier innovators that can handle everything that is thrown at us. Our professional fence builders in Tuscan are trained to overcome all obstacles and predicaments. We never let the quality of our profession get to us, Fence Builders takes every job as another training opportunity. The added experience only makes us better and we never take advantage of those opportunities. Because fencing is our passion, Tuscan Fence Builders always wants to be able to grow so we can continue providing all our customers with our absolute best service.

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When you choose Fence Builders to be your trusted fence company, you are opening yourself to having the fence of your dreams. At Fence Builders Tucson, we really take pride in our ability to give you more than you thought you were getting when you chose us as your Tuscan fence company. You won’t find this type of pride anywhere else.

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Custom Fences Tuscon

Fence Builders Tucson knows how important it can be to have the option to customize your fence. Since the fence will be installed and represented on your property, you should have the choice to customize the fence just as much as you can customize anything else on your property, whether it be residential or commercial. There is a lot of respect in custom fences and we always take pride in the part we can play to give you your personalized fence and gates for your property. Don’t hesitate to contact us for inquiry information, we love working with custom fences because we know the fence will be extra special for you.

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Fence Repair Tuscon

When you have a broken or damaged fence, we know that it is very important to get it taken care of right away. Fence Builders understands this urgency so we offer all our customers our quickest, highest quality fence repair services. We know that you can’t wait long, nervous about what might go wrong while your fence is out of commission, so we do our best to keep your wait at a minimum. Our fence repair services at Fence Builders Tucson is the number one fence repair in Tucson. The level of care we have for our customers and their fences is immeasurable and incomparable to other companies. Even with the smallest of repair jobs, we put in all of our attention to make sure no repair job is done carelessly. When we conduct repairs to your fence, we will do a full inspection of your fence to make sure there are no other problems that may have been overlooked before. Keeping your fence in its prime condition is extremely important to us at Fence Builders Tucson. Equipped with all the best tools, there is no repair job our Tuscan fence contractors can’t do. When you choose us to conduct your fence repairs, we will never leave you unsatisfied. Your repaired fence will look and function as if it is brand new, guaranteed.

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Gate Repair

Having a functional gate installed with your fence is extremely important. Without a gate, or with a gate that is broken or won’t open, there is no access point to the enclosed portion of your property. With that, a dysfunctional gate can also make your fence almost useless if it does not shut properly. Animals and children can easily escape out of a broken fence and that is something we never want you to have to worry about. Our fence installation Tucson experts are just as dedicated to fixing your gates as we are to fixing your fencing. Whether we need to replace a part or two on the gate or replace the whole thing, we would be more than happy to make it to your property to get your gate working right again. Your repaired gate will look and work the same, if not better, as the day you first had it installed. Our quick and high quality Tuscan gate repair services will keep you at ease. At Fence Builders Tucson, we always do our best to give you the best repair services we can.

Residential and commercial fencing

Residential and Commercial Fences

We offer our fence services, from installations to repairs, for all residential and commercial properties. Whatever your needs are for your fence, we can satisfy them. For residential properties, we really focus on how important it is for you to keep your property safe and secure from people coming into or off your property without your consent. We also aim to make sure the fence looks amazing on your property around your house. We know it is important for you to keep your home looking impressive because you put a lot of hard work into maintaining it yourself. It is the least we can do to put in just as much effort, if not more, to make sure your fence always adds to the quality of your home. Also, for your residential properties, we are available to assist you with gaining permission from the HOA to install your fence. We know that you don’t like stress so we love offering you our assistance to take care of all the tedious steps of getting a fence installed at your home. On your commercial property, Fence Builders Tuscan respects all of your fencing needs. Not only do we make a strong effort to keep your property looking professional and appealing, we also go the extra distance to give you a fence that is built to last.

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Knowing your fence will be exposed to relatively heavy traffic throughout the day, Fence Builders Tuscan aims to build a fence that will withstand any outside forces and will stand up against the test of time. As with residential fencing, we obtain all the necessary permits required to install a fence on your commercial property as well. Whether you need your commercial or residential fence installed or repaired, Fence Builders Tucson will always be here, ready to give you exactly what you need.

How Does Fence Builders Compare to Other Fence Companies in Tucson?

No other fence company can compare to the level of service we provide you at Fence Builders. From the start, we do everything we can to prove this to you. Before we even begin our fence installation processes, we obtain the necessary permits from the city of Tucson so that all you have to do is describe to us what you want. It is not only our job to give you the fence you need, it is our goal to make your fence exactly how you dream it to be. Whatever steps we need to take to make that happen, we make them.

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Fence Builders Tucson is tirelessly devoted to serving you as our customer. We swear to always go above and beyond, giving you more than what you pay for, so that you know that we care about you. On top of this, our fence contractors are expertly trained and experienced with a multitude of fencing jobs so you know that whoever we send to your property is the best at their duties. We equip all our contractors with the latest technologies so we can always be sure that we are constructing or repairing your fence the best way we can. With this, our fence contractors are the most professional and hardworking fence contractors you can find in this area. We only construct our team with the most dedicated workers. All of these characteristics of our company help us stand out against our competitors.

You won’t have any regrets when you choose to make Fence Builders your top choice fence company in Tucson. We can always offer you more than any of the other fence companies in Tucson.

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Tucson Fence Builders is located in the heart of Tucson, AZ, only 20 minutes away from the Tucson International Airport (TUS). Because of our convenient Tucson location, we are able to install fences quickly and affordably throughout Tucson and the neighboring areas of Arizona. We provide fencing installation solutions to both residential and commercial properties in the Tucson, AZ area, so you can rely on us for help with your Tucson home or business! Tucson Fence Builders is conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the Saguaro National Park, 15 minutes away from the University of Arizona, and 15 minutes away from the Tucson Mountain Park.

Directions from Tucson International Airport (TUS) to Tucson Fence Builders. Head southeast toward E Corona Rd. Sharp left onto S Tucson Blvd. Continue onto E Benson Hwy. Turn right onto S Park Ave. Use the right lane to merge onto I-10 W via the ramp to Phoenix. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 257 toward Speedway Boulevard. Merge onto N Freeway St. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto W Speedway Blvd. Turn right onto Camino de Juan. Camino de Juan turns slightly right and becomes W Leawood Dr. Turn left onto N Leawood Pl.

Directions from the University of Arizona to Tucson Fence Builders. Head west on E University Blvd toward N Park Ave. Turn right onto N Park Ave. Turn left onto E Speedway Blvd. Turn right onto Camino de Juan. Camino de Juan turns slightly right and becomes W Leawood Dr. Turn left onto N Leawood Pl.

Directions from Saguaro National Park to Tucson Fence Builders. Head south on N Kinney Rd toward W Mile Wide Rd. Turn left to stay on N Kinney Rd. Turn left onto W Gates Pass Rd. Continue onto N Altavista Rd. Slight right onto W Speedway Blvd. Turn left onto Camino de Juan. Camino de Juan turns slightly right and becomes W Leawood Dr. Turn left onto N Leawood Pl.